An Open Love Letter To My Little One

Hi Ewan,

You can tell I’m having a hard time today. It’s been a difficult week, too. I don’t know if it’s because we’re going into a new season without you. Or because of the memories of where we were a year ago. Your cancer was found in full-swing on March 22nd and you had to go back into the hospital. You didn’t come home, again. Not until I picked your ashes up from the QFC, near the bakery department (a kind woman from the funeral home met me there). I brought you and a maple bar donut home that day.

The days just don’t stop, as much as I wish they would. Last night, dad and I stayed up watching and listening to videos of you reading. You are such a talented, strong reader. We brainstormed fun ideas to honor you on May 7th. Dad suggested grilling hotdogs near the lake or taking a trip to the zoo. I see you’d like us to take a trip to the International Intellectual and Puzzle Museum in Mongolia. That might be a stretch, but I’ll talk to Dad about it tonight. Thank for this little sign today. I see you.

Love Always,


Author, researcher, mother living on an island near Seattle. Now, notably, an international bunny smuggler. Find her struggles and snuggles at

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