Call the Rosario Strait curtain for nature’s theatrical scenery on this stage. Canada is on the canvas of the backdrop

What would you put in your time capsule for the pandemic?

A time capsule for 2020 starts with a face mask. N95, surgical, cloth, bandana…

Bandanas always remind me of a skit from summer camp. Clustered by cabins, we sit with our group on the grassy knoll rather than the splintery and hard benches which make ten minutes feel like forever…

Laurel Braitman, #writingmedicine

It’s called Reflective writing. I participate in a virtual writer’s workshop led by Laurel Braitman. Laurel holds the official titles of PhD, Director of Writing and Storytelling, in a program known as Medicine and the Muse in the Center for Biomedical Ethics. She is also Adjunct Professor, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and…


Usually, the equal light, half day, half night, falls on Ewan‘s birthday
September 22nd

It’s odd — not this year

Not this second sepia season of shawls and sipping tea without him

A season of soccer and sneakingly early sunsets

When school sets in and maple trees drop their helicopter…

Ewan’s Heart Art

Izabela Cruz is the first ever recipient of this new award, for her remarkable compassion, connection, and caretaking for Ewan and his family during his illness. It will be given in future years to other au pairs who go above and beyond the call of duty.

You know the expression…

Half Birthdays and Other Anniversaries After Loss

With one heavy foot forward and one foot dredging backwards, it is difficult to be in the present. I didn’t realize, until midmorning, that today is was Ewan’s half birthday. On this March 22nd, time marches forward toward another birthday Ewan will not…

An Open Love Letter To My Little One

Hi Ewan,

You can tell I’m having a hard time today. It’s been a difficult week, too. I don’t know if it’s because we’re going into a new season without you. Or because of the memories of where we were a year…

Jenny Harrington

Author, researcher, mother living on an island near Seattle. Now, notably, an international bunny smuggler. Find her struggles and snuggles at

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